If you find yourself thinking of something you do as normal, you’re already too late. The world is ever-changing and that brings days filled with new explorations with customers, insights with colleagues, fun, and energy to innovate and improve. The only thing constant is change, and that’s precisely what makes life so beautiful. At The Mobile Life we embrace change and help our customers to define and create new solutions to stay ahead.


UX/UI Design

We are specialized in creating beautiful and smooth UI/UX designs that provide better user experience. Drive exponential customer engagement to your mobile applications by creating interactive user interfaces, user experiences & visual designs. Get access to our reliable mobile app design services to create custom iOS, Android application designs that amplify your user engagement.


Mobile Intelligence

Mobile app intelligence can give color and context to the world around us. But what exactly is it? Mobile intelligence consists of data derived from mobile apps. With millions of apps in the app store, there’s a ton of data out there to digest and leverage. Mobile intelligence can assist you in achieving your business goals. But, most importantly, it can offer transparency into an otherwise difficult-to-understand mobile economy. With more transparency, comes greater innovation and progress.


iOS Development

iOS application development is the process of making mobile applications for Apple iPhone and iPad hardware. The software is written in the Swift programming language or Objective-C and then deployed to the App Store for users to download. The Mobile Life is a pioneer in iOS development, being among the very first in Sweden and Singapore, and has successfully launched hundreds of B2C apps across the world since the birth of iOS.


Android Development

Developing an Android application means creating a complicated multifunctional product for the OS based on the Linux kernel. Given the world wide popularity and sustainable market growth, Android app development is very much in demand. The reason for the popularity is that the majority of all devices use this OS. The Mobile Life has developed Android apps since the start in 2009, always native for full-control and ultimate user experience.


Backend Development

Backend Development is also known as server-side development. It is everything that the users don’t see and contains behind-the-scenes activities that occur when performing any action on a mobile app or website. It focuses primarily on databases, backend logic, APIs, and Servers. The Mobile Life builds entire platforms and the backend is the brain that controls the system.


Support & Maintenance

Application support and maintenance services are aimed to ensure that applications are highly available, reliable, and relevant to evolving business needs. Since 2006, The Mobile Life has delivered full-range support and maintenance services for applications of different types and complexity.


Systems Architecture

A system architecture is the conceptual model that defines the structure, behavior, and more views of a system. An architecture is a formal description and representation of a system to be built. At The Mobile Life this is part of the starting point for any new project and product development. A key role to achieve a future enabled and scalable system that meets business requirements.


Product Management

Product management is a product owner role at The Mobile Life dealing with new product development, research, business planning and launch. It integrates people, data, processes and business objectives.


Project Management

Project management is the process of leading the work of a team to achieve all project goals within the given constraints. The objective of project management at The Mobile Life is also to produce a complete project which complies with all the client's technical requirements. This includes having a high-level responsibility for the time plan but also supporting the daily work with priorities and communicating with all members.


Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) at The Mobile Life is responsible for preventing mistakes and defects in deliveries to products and customers. Quality assurance includes two principles: "fit for purpose" (the product should be suitable for the intended purpose); and "right first time" (mistakes should be eliminated).


Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting makes applications and backend systems accessible using cloud resources. Unlike traditional hosting, solutions are not deployed on a single server. Instead, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the application or website, ensuring greater flexibility and scalability. The Mobile Life provides cloud hosting and monitoring services 24h including committed service levels.


Cyber Security

Cyber security is the application of technologies, processes and controls to protect systems, networks, programs, devices and data from cyber attacks. It aims to reduce the risk of cyber attacks and protect against the unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks and technologies.


Big Data

Big data is the set of technologies created to store, analyse and manage this bulk data, a macro-tool created to identify patterns in the chaos of this explosion in information in order to design smart solutions. The Mobile Life uses data to create more intelligent user interfaces and offer personalisation.

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